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Church Re-Opening  July 11, 2021
Shiloh Baptist Church of Wilmington DE
Re-entry Plan 2021

The congregation is asked to engage in a week of special prayer prior to the reopening of the Church Campus.

Signs will be posted around our church campus and shall be observed by members and guests upon return to campus. No one should plan to attend services who is known to have had any contact with a known COVID-19 confirmed case. 

All attendees are required to wear a mask until further notice and to maintain three feet of distance when speaking to one another. No one will be permitted into the buildings without a mask. Adults and children age 4 and older will need masks.

We will have several temperature checkpoint locations on our church campus. Anyone with a temperature of 100 degrees F or greater will not be allowed to enter. 

To simplify this process, the following practices shall be observed: 


Wear a mask (ages 4 and up) 

Wash your hands prior to coming to Church services

Stay three feet from others

Cover your coughs or sneezes

Visit hand sanitizer stations at the Church entrance and vestibule

Be willing to have your temperature taken

Transportation will not be provided during the initial reopening period

The Nursery will be closed

CDC and State guidelines will be followed for funerals and the Manley Fellowship Hall will not be available for repass or other activities without the approval of the Pastor.

On communion Sunday members are asked to place their used cups in the receptacle at the exit door.


Shake hands

Hug others 

Come to church if you are sick

Touch your hands, nose, or mouth

Leave trash in the assembly areas


With the help of our volunteers, we will be observing these distancing policies:

Parking lot attendants will wear masks. 

No one will be permitted into the buildings without a mask. Please bring a mask. Adults and children age 4 and older will need masks. 

Ushers will wear masks. Ushers will wear gloves when passing out or collecting materials. 

Attendees and ushers will always maintain social distancing of three feet from the time we drive onto the property and exit our car until the time we get back into our cars after the service. 

Sanctuary doors will be propped open to avoid the touching of door handles. 

Please follow all signage inside the building. 

Doors will be designated as “entrance-only” or “exit-only.” Please observe all signage.

Ushers will seat attendees before the services. Families will sit together.

At the end of the services, ushers will dismiss attendees in a controlled, orderly manner, maintaining social distancing. Ushers may need to direct people to a specific exit door.

There will be no gatherings at doorways. 

Offering plates will not be passed during the services.

Offering baskets will be available in the entrance to the sanctuary for you to drop your offering, or you are encouraged to use online giving. The Trustees will be in charge of receiving funds.

Attendees are encouraged to promptly exit the building at the close of service.

We will not be distributing a Church bulletin.

Facility Janitorial Maintenance

Every worker, staff member, and volunteer performing cleaning tasks will always be required to wear a mask and gloves while working. New gloves will be put on after completing a restroom or area of the building. Only cleaning products provided by the ministry will be used. Approved cleaning products use these chemicals: Isopropyl Alcohol, Nonionic Surfactant, Quaternary Ammonium Chloride. Every worker, staff member, and volunteer will adhere to the three-foot social distancing rule while working.

All indoor areas where traffic occurs will be disinfected with proper equipment. Our cleaning equipment and disinfecting solutions, both meet the EPA’s criteria for disinfecting coronavirus.

Handles to all entry/exit doors are being sanitized before and after each service.

Handles to all restroom, baptistry, and closet doors are being sanitized before and after each service.

Chairs and tables used by the greeters and ushers are being sanitized before and after each service.

After the day’s services, the entire sanctuary will be sanitized

After each service, we will remove all trash and leftover personal items from the sanctuary. Personal items will be taken to a Lost and Found receptacle.

We use HEPA air filters that are inspected weekly and replaced every six weeks. 

Sanitizer stations are cleaned and checked for functionality before and after each service. Light switches are sanitized before and after every service